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Welcome to Deep Roots Apotheke & Clinic, a person focused herbal medicine clinic and apothecary located in Birmingham, Alabama. We help people with chronic issues like diabetes, thyroid conditions, acne, acid reflux, ADD/ADHD, gall stones & gallbladder attacks, detoxification support (heavy metal and other), PTSD support, PMS, PMDD, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, migraines, interstitial cystitis, and arthritis as well as acute care issues like herniated disks, infections (sinus, respiratory, ear, and the like), colds & flus, congestion, cough, cuts, scrapes, diabetic wounds care support, varicose veins, broken bone healing and recovery, Bell's palsy, (systemic) poison ivy, post surgery recovery, grief, mild burns, bronchitis, cold sores, carpal tunnel, cavities, childbirth and post-partum herbal support, lymphatic support for after infections or injuries, hemorrhoids, hot flashes, fungal infections (jock itch/athlete's foot), leg cramps and restless leg, UTI's, BV, mono, morning sickness,  food poisoning,  cellulitis, shingles, stomach aches, Strep Throat (in certain cases), sprains, tendonitis, and stomach ulcers (with proper physician supervision).

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